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  • Nutrition for Life

    20 July at 18:56 from atlas


    The Healy Digital Nutrition App

    • It supports healthy and balanced nutrition without excessive reliance on expensive food supplements.
    • Continuously identifies the vital substances that best support your wellbeing.

    • Using the Digital Nutrition App (*DNA for short)  supports your ability to assist your body in the absorption of vital substances from your food.

    • Selects individual Healy DNA* frequency programs for you.
    • Creates lists of foods that naturally contain the substances you need.
    • Resonance frequencies are assigned to individual substances in the Healy frequency programs.
    • These frequencies are meant to bioenergetically support you to better absorb these substances from your food.

    DNA Monthly Subscription approx $170 NZD pm / HealAdvisorSearch approx $60 NZD per month